Kill Bar Flies

Bar Flies

Bar Flies

Flies breed in areas in which nutrients and moisture are present. Your bar provides a perfect environment for this type of pest.

Breeding Grounds

Bar flies find the perfect habitat in your drains, for starters. Chemical treatments often smell bad, with is bad for business. But, the chemicals only work on larvae and grown flies. The eggs survive the chemicals, only to hatch a few days after treatment.

Once these moth-like little flies emerge from the drains, they will be attracted to damp bar towels, sponges, and glasses with even the slightest bit of moisture.

Fermentation Attracts Bar Flies

These flies will also be attracted to the alcohol you serve, because of the fermentation, sugar, and yeast that is present in these drinks. Bar flies will swarm your serving areas, creating a very real health risk.

Health Department Reports

The Health Department inspects all food and drink establishments on a regular basis. This means that your bar can be negatively affected not only by the presence of bar flies, but you can actually receive a lower rating on your inspection because of them.

Kill Bar Flies

With our patent-pending drain steamer, you can kill the flies, larvae, and their eggs with safe steam treatments. Our steamer seals the drain and forces high-temperature steam into the drain, killing the bar flies at all stages of their life cycle.

Chemicals are not eco-friendly, and must be used with caution in areas in which food and drink are prepared. However, steam is non-toxic. In addition, steam cleaning is a popular treatment for many of the surfaces in our homes and businesses. Why not use it in your drains?

The drain is sealed with the steam cleaning attachment, and steam injected into the drain. The temperature rises in the drain, killing all files and their eggs with a simple rise of temperature.

You can get one of our steamers for your business, or contact us for regular steam treatment of your drains. This will control the breeding of bar flies, eliminating their nasty contamination. Call us today for more details on how to schedule your drain treatment, or to purchase your own steamer.


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