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Our patent-pending steam cone technology kills drain flies, sewer flies, bar flies, fruit flies, AND their eggs on contact.

Kill The Eggs

Chemicals do kill the flies and their larvae. But, a big problem is the egg. Eggs hatch once the chemicals have washed away, and you have the problem all over again. However, when you perform a steam treatment, the temperature is elevated to a point where the eggs are killed, too. This is a much better solution and requires fewer repetitions of treatments. You not only are free from the flies, you save money in the long run by not having as many treatments..

No Chemical Smell

Most exterminators use chemicals to get rid of pests in your home, restaurant, bar, and business. However, chemicals often have a distinct odor that many people find offensive, especially in places where they are eating or drinking. They are also not always eco-friendly. Steam treatment involves no chemical odor..

The Virtues Of Steam

With steam, you get chemical free treatment that kills both flies and eggs. The heat from the steam very efficiently will kill both, so that recurrence is limited. There is no odor, and steam is entirely eco-friendly.

You can trust this safe and effective method of killing drain flies. You can repeat treatments as often as necessary, because drain flies do come back. But, they won’t come back as often with steam treatments..

No Chemicals In Eating Areas

Where do you find drains? You find them in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. In your kitchen, you prepare food and drink for your family or customers. You certainly don’t want chemicals and the chemical smell in these areas – you want something that is safe and “green”. You also don’t want contamination from chemicals in these areas, even though most chemicals are supposed to be safe for humans and pets.

Chemicals used in the laundry room usually don’t have contact with human food and water, but you do want to watch out if you feed pets in these areas.

In the bathroom, you know you brush your teeth in the very drains to which you have added chemicals. You also bathe in the showers and bathtubs that have drains treated with chemicals.


Chemicals Are Ineffective

In addition, chemicals are often ineffective in killing drain flies. This is because the eggs are not affected by chemicals. In drains, especially, the chemical may kill the adults and larvae, but it all gets washed away. The eggs hatch in just a few days, and, once again, you have a problem with flies..

What We Do?

Kill Drain is here to help you with your home and business free from disgusting flies. This safe, odor free treatment will kill flies and their eggs.

Kill Drain is here to make it possible for you to destroy these nasty pests, along with their eggs in an eco-friendly and effective way.

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